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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Apr 1 19:54:32 EST 2002

>I always thought that Spellcoats was the first - because it's set in much
>older times than the others, sort of early mediaeval, then C&C -
>renaissance-ish, then the others, early modern/pre-industrial. Or have I got
>it completely wrong?

Apparently, but you are wrong in company with me. I always assumed 
Spellcoats was first until the recent paperback re-edition which numbers 
the books from 1-4, and Spellcoats is 3. I don't really understand this. 
For a long time it was pretty much a stand-alone book until Crown of 
Dalemark used a couple of the characters in a tangential way. It certainly 
takes place a lot earlier than the other three books, but clearly this is 
no reason to regard it as early in a series.

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