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That is a very cool dream.
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> Hmmmm, Caleb, how very odd.  I was just about to resurrect this thread
> myself.  I had a dream last night that there was a big D&D game with
> everyone on four sides (We did something similiar in real life but there
> were only two sides -- humans v. orcs, like in WarCraft) and the sides
> were giants, dorig, humans, and for some obscure reason Shee.  Spelled
> like that, even though I normally spell it 'Sidhe', but I knew in the
> dream it was 'Shee' (like in Patricia Wrede's Lyra books, which I'd just
> been reading.)  It made some sense because the Dorig were like her Neira,
> and the 'humans' were like her Wyrds, even though they're really not.  And
> even though we were using D&D (3rd edition) rules, we were actually
> dressing up in costumes, with real weapons.  And there was a ticker board,
> that was at the top of the battle field that scrolled questions to DWJ and
> her responses.  I was on the Dorig team, and there was this long
> discussions in a locker room when I was getting into this really pretty
> Dorig suit, that was like green-gold and shiny and had this funky head
> piece, about what the racial modifiers were for each of the races (We
> never did figure it out for the Dorig, it came up again on the ticker
> board later, but the Shee used the Elven racial modifier, the "humans"
> (like Ayna) used normal human rules and the giants used Orcish modifiers
> (I think I forgot that normal people are giants in my dream.))  So I was
> in the first battle, and it was Dorig against Giants, and then I was
> sitting around waiting for the ticker to show who won.  (Instead it showed
> questions like "Is there some sort of special armor created for Dorig, or
> should we just get chainmail?")  And I realized that I was hungry, but it
> was Passover, and I needed Passover food but that all of my Passover food
> was in my lunch bag in my backpack in a locker, so I had to telekinisis it
> to me.  So I started doing that, and then I realized that telekinesis was
> a manipulation of the probabilities via quantam mechanics, and that there
> nwas a set state that the lunch bag would not be on the
> floor in front of the bench, so instead, when I opened my eyes my lunch
> bag was under the bench, where I had not looked before (thereby there was
> no created set state.)  And I started eating Matzah, and that was the end.
> Rebecca D. Ganetzky
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