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I always thought that Spellcoats was the first - because it's set in much
older times than the others, sort of early mediaeval, then C&C -
renaissance-ish, then the others, early modern/pre-industrial. Or have I got
it completely wrong?
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> On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Jenny Holmstrom wrote:
> > At 07:25 PM 4/1/02 +0100, Hallie wrote:
> > >Oh no - have I stumbled onto one of those chronological order/reading
> > >order controversies?  Copies of the books I've seen give Cart and
> > >as the first of the series, Drowned Ammet second, Spellcoats third, and
> > >Crown of Dalemark fourth.
> > Yes, that's the same order as I've read them in. But that's just the
> > to read them, not the chronological one.
> Huh. I can't remember what order I read them in, really. But I believe it
> was C&C, Spellcoats, DA, CoD. I know I read DA years after the others,
> because the one copy our library had was missing a 30-page chunk near the
> end, which led to my extreme confusion.
> I think it's better to read Drowned Ammet closer to Crown of Dalemark,
> because Crown builds a lot more directly on the stuff in Drowned Ammet
> than in any other book. I really really like Spellcoats, but I can see
> that it's a bit odd to be a first book of a quartet. Cart and Cwidder is
> less vague and less depressing than the other two that could possibly come
> first, so it works to have "first."
> (Of course, once I've read a series in the "right" [read--published]
> order, I tend to reread it in chronological order. I always started the
> Narnia books with Magician's Nephew, my second-favorite, and stuck in my
> favorite, The Horse and His Boy, before Prince Caspian. Then, of course, I
> always had to actively convince myself to read The Last Battle.)
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