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Mon Apr 1 14:01:25 EST 2002

Laurel wrote 
> I'd like to add my thanks to Hallie for
recommending TT and QoA;
> they were engaging reads, and the list
discussions have been
> equally interesting.

So would I, I'm glad I've read them but
.............. I didn't like The Thief as much as
I'd hoped to and I don't like The Queen of
Attolia very much at all -- nor the Queen of
Attolia the character. Guess I'll file them with
Jane Austen 

> My very late two cents on the deception
> issue: I didn't feel at all cheated, even
though I didn't know
> beforehand that Gen had stolen the stone,
again.  Right from the
> beginning of TT, it seemed obvious to me that
Gen was hiding
> important information, not only from his
companions, but from the
> reader, too (all the hints about Eddis and
Gen's abilities.)  I
> don't recall who compared Gen to a Trickster
character-type, but
> I feel that's quite accurate.  So I was simply
expecting a few
> revelations and surprises here and there, and,
to be honest,
> didn't find them all that earth-shattering.  If
you'll forgive an
> odd comparison, I've recently seen the movie
_Gosford Park_ and
> felt somewhat the same about the Big Plot
Twists at the end (I'll
> avoid spoilers); there were so many clues
sprinkled throughout
> the rest of the film that the revelations were
not especially
> shocking.

That's about how I felt. I spotted what he'd done
with the stone however, I once made a study of
thieves' techniques so i could see what must have

Just one gratuitous bitchy comment -- somebody
asked why Sophos didn't figure in Q of A -- I
think it was because one more "real" character
(non spear carrier) would have been too many for
her to handle in one novel.
> Has anyone read _City of Bones_ by Martha Wells
or _Sun-Cross_ by
> Barbara Hambly recently?  I just finished both,
enjoying Wells
> much more than Hambly, and would like to hear
other opinions, and
> possibly recommendations or warnings about
other titles by the
> same authors.

Yes I liked both of these. MW also wrote Death of
the Necromancer which has been recomended here

I used to like Barbara Hambly a lot, but, apart
from the Benjamin January novels, I haven't
bought anything by her recently. I sort of feel
that, when it comes to fantasy, she's just
running through the same tired repetoire. However
I still remember the Sun Cross books favourably,
I always thought there should be another one. 


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