Rebecca Ganetzky Rebecca.Ganetzky at oberlin.edu
Mon Apr 1 13:46:22 EST 2002

Hmmmm, Caleb, how very odd.  I was just about to resurrect this thread
myself.  I had a dream last night that there was a big D&D game with
everyone on four sides (We did something similiar in real life but there
were only two sides -- humans v. orcs, like in WarCraft) and the sides
were giants, dorig, humans, and for some obscure reason Shee.  Spelled
like that, even though I normally spell it 'Sidhe', but I knew in the
dream it was 'Shee' (like in Patricia Wrede's Lyra books, which I'd just
been reading.)  It made some sense because the Dorig were like her Neira,
and the 'humans' were like her Wyrds, even though they're really not.  And
even though we were using D&D (3rd edition) rules, we were actually
dressing up in costumes, with real weapons.  And there was a ticker board,
that was at the top of the battle field that scrolled questions to DWJ and
her responses.  I was on the Dorig team, and there was this long
discussions in a locker room when I was getting into this really pretty
Dorig suit, that was like green-gold and shiny and had this funky head
piece, about what the racial modifiers were for each of the races (We
never did figure it out for the Dorig, it came up again on the ticker
board later, but the Shee used the Elven racial modifier, the "humans"
(like Ayna) used normal human rules and the giants used Orcish modifiers
(I think I forgot that normal people are giants in my dream.))  So I was
in the first battle, and it was Dorig against Giants, and then I was
sitting around waiting for the ticker to show who won.  (Instead it showed
questions like "Is there some sort of special armor created for Dorig, or
should we just get chainmail?")  And I realized that I was hungry, but it
was Passover, and I needed Passover food but that all of my Passover food
was in my lunch bag in my backpack in a locker, so I had to telekinisis it
to me.  So I started doing that, and then I realized that telekinesis was
a manipulation of the probabilities via quantam mechanics, and that there
nwas a set state that the lunch bag would not be on the
floor in front of the bench, so instead, when I opened my eyes my lunch
bag was under the bench, where I had not looked before (thereby there was
no created set state.)  And I started eating Matzah, and that was the end.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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