belated questionnaire

Emma Comerford s369161 at
Fri Sep 28 21:16:50 EDT 2001

Ania has kindly told me that it's not too late to have my survey results
added to those of July (ehich I only discovered the other day). Perhaps we
need to add in "lurker", "mostly lurker" and "full participant"!

Who? Emma
Where from? Brisbane, Queensland (Australia)
Where now? Still here!
How ancient? 21
Any progeny? none
Religion (optional, perhaps, but helps with cultural references etc)
Catholic (though really only enjoy my one church)
Occupation? Student (final semester!), Economics (environmental)/Arts
First DWJ? Tale of Time City (probably)
Quintessential DWJ? Lives of Christopher Chant (though every different book
is still so DWJish)
Favourite DWJ? Fire and Hemlock? LoCC? Deep Secret?
Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life? A cute quote I can't fully
remember seems appropriate : Dance as though no-one is watching, sing as
though no-one is listening, love as though you've never been hurt, live as
though heaven was on earth.

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