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>From: "Jacob Proffitt" <Jacob at Proffitt.com>
>Not to mention just about every other Miyazaki (the director) film, the
>most recent example of which is Princess Mononoke.  Very, very good
>stuff, though I think we've discussed that on the list already.

my thought is that kiki's delivery service deals with both the themes and 
content that is most similar to DWJ's books. i also like that film rather a 
lot. PM i'm less a fan of. i urge DWJ fans to seek out kiki's delivery 
service. =) although, it probably won't give you an exact idea of what to 
expect from howl, becuase miyazaki won't be directing it. in fact, we don't 
know who is or any other details of the film. i imagine when the 'spirited 
away' hype dies down in japan, we'll learn some new details.

it's nice to see tokuma shoten's new commitment to chrestomanci (the little 
logo in the top middle of the witch week cover 
http://images.amazon.com/images/P/4198614040.09.LZZZZZZZ.jpg ) features a 
"dai mahoutsukai kurestomanshii" logo, which implies to me that they are 
making something out of the series in japan. i'm not sure why they published 
witch week first, i guess it's the most "harry potterish" of the 
chrestomanci books cos it features kids being subversive in a school. i 
wonder if that's the reasoning? HP1-3 are out in japan.

according amazon.co.jp, translations of christopher chant and charmed life 
came out in 1994, but they appear to be OOP at the moment. as well as time 
of the ghost in 1993, and wild robert some unspecified time. amazon doesn't 
have cover shots for any of those books.

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