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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Wed Sep 26 14:17:37 EDT 2001

---Original Message From: christian nutt
> incidentally, i think kiki's delivery service would be a hit 
> with DWJ list 
> members. it's available dubbed on VHS in the US. i don't 
> think it's out in 
> the UK, judging from amazon.co.uk. it's also available on DVD 
> in japan with 
> japanese or english dialogue spoken dialogue and english 
> subtitles. well, 
> this message is getting pretty off-topic. i'll leave it at 
> that...  if 
> anyone's curious about kiki, there's lots of data at 
www.nausicaa.net. i 
wouldn't mind talking about it, either. =)

Not to mention just about every other Miyazaki (the director) film, the
most recent example of which is Princess Mononoke.  Very, very good
stuff, though I think we've discussed that on the list already.


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