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Tue Sep 25 14:29:51 EDT 2001

Rebecca answered Ven's question...

> >A supplementary question: unusual places/circumstances that
> >books have been read in? I used to go up the apple tree to read
> >when I lived at my parents, and while living in a converted factory
> >would climb onto the roof.

> When I get upset I always liked to wedge myself in under my desk, so
that I
> could barely move and read there...my desk here isn't the right
size, tho.
> If I was made at my parents I used to read in my closet (With the
door shut
> and a flashlight.)  It's never seemed weird to me before, but the
more I
> look at those statements the odder it seems.

I was going to say that I never went in for reading in particularly
odd places...until I read this answer, and suddenly remembered my
habit, as a young teenager, of climbing into the top of my wardrobe to

The wardrobes in my parents' house are built-in, and each has, besides
the main hanging portion, a small cupboard above it between the
wardrobe and the ceiling, about six feet long by three or four feet
deep by two or three feet high.  The one in my room was used for
storing spare blankets and pillows, and the sleeping bags.  I used to
climb up there and make myself a very comfortable nest in amongst this
bedding, and read.  The only disadvantage being, of course, the
necessity of climbing back down to fetch another book... :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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