Just Curious...

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi
Tue Sep 25 04:39:00 EDT 2001

> ><< >> What's the worst (or funniest) thing that ever happened to a book in
> >your care?>>

As I always take meticulously good care of any books, nothing bad has
happened to books in my care. But once a friend of mine borrowed ten or so
books from me, and when I (much later) asked to have them back she told me
that his brother had actually sold my books to a used books store!
She gave me some other books instead and thought that would make the
matter right. But of course it did not. After all this time (this happened
about 15 years ago) I still have not been able to find replacements for
some od the books.
Needless to say, we were not friends anymore after this incident.

- Satu

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