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Mon Sep 24 17:46:09 EDT 2001

>In a message dated 9/24/2001 10:11:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Nat Case
>> That can't be true about de Lint in the Ohio system. He's a pretty
>>  popular author, and published by major publishing houses. Try looking
>>  under titles!
>Probably a spelling problem. De Lint needs to be two words, and sometimes
>systems goof and put him under L instead of D. Speculative fiction has some
>of the most annoying problems in alphabetization right at the DE section,
>what with de Lint, del Rey, Dean, Delany, etc. (no, those aren't in order,
>and there are a couple of ways to do it if you do put them in order).
Yep, that was the problem.  Some of his books were under deLint and the one
was under de Lint.  Thanks :-)  glad to know I have access to
booooooooooks.  Yay!

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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