Stepping out from behind the tree...

Annika neith at
Sun Sep 23 16:01:33 EDT 2001

I've been lurking on this list for quite some time, though I haven't gotten around to introduce myself yet. :)

My name's Annika, I'm nineteen and live in Lund, Sweden. I've been a fan of DWJ ever since I was nine and first read "Howl's Moving Castle" (still my favorite one). The local library only had three DWJ books, which I borrowed nearly every month. They were actually more often at my house than in the library. :) Thankfully I have almost a complete collection now, I don't have to bother the library quite as much!

I was just curious as to whether there's a site where all the book recommendations are filed. I've found quite a few new favorites through the list, and thought it might be nice to have all the recs on one place; somewhere where you can refer all the newcomers to. I'm not a HTML pro, and have no idea how to do forms and submits, otherwise I'd gladly offer to do one myself.


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