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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Sat Sep 22 00:29:39 EDT 2001

On Sat, 22 Sep 2001 14:07:27 +1000, Sally Odgers wrote:

>> What's the worst (or funniest) thing that ever happened to a book in your

>My sister once left a lib book face-down on a stove plate, which someone
>else turned on! She paid the library the value and kept the (slightly
>singed) book.

It wasn't a library book, but...in my family, it's sort of tradition to own
a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook--the one with the red and white
gingham-checked cover--with a stovetop burner scorch mark on the cover.
Somehow they are attracted to the heating element you forget to turn off.
Even my mother-in-law's book has it.  And no one has done it on purpose

The funniest thing didn't really happen to the book, but it's related.  It
was when I was waiting for Tad Williams's _Sea of Silver Light_ to arrive
via library hold.  A friend of mine got hers before me and joked "wouldn't
it be funny if you ended up with this copy I've got?"  A few weeks later I
got mine from the library, opened it, and a card fell out.  It was a
Mother's Day card--addressed to that same friend.  She went hysterical with
laughter when I gave it back to her.

Melissa Proffitt
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