Just Curious...

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Sat Sep 22 00:07:27 EDT 2001

> What's the worst (or funniest) thing that ever happened to a book in your

Um - I dropped my mum's Dick Francis in the bath (dried it out and bought
her another copy). A library book got bevelled edges courtesy of our galah.
(Offered to pay the lost/replacement fee but the library kept the book
instead, bevelled edges and all). A colleague lent me the new DWJ book
(Black Maria) and my the-little daughter put a package of cooked chicken on
it. Grease spots on boards. (I tried to buy a new copy, but found there were
no hardbacks available. I bought a p-b and offered to pay the hardback
value - my colleague said the  slightly stained board didn't matter).

My sister once left a lib book face-down on a stove plate, which someone
else turned on! She paid the library the value and kept the (slightly
singed) book.


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