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On Fri, 7 Sep 2001 Philip.Belben at wrote:

> Years ago, I went to one of those "Handel's _Messiah_ from scratch"
> concerts. The choir was very mottley, and I remarked that the
> difference between the sopranos and the altos was that the altos
> were those who knew that they couldn't reach the top notes; the
> sopranos were those who didn't know that they couldn't reach the
> top notes ;-)

People have been trying to convince me I was a soprano from high
school, but my voice doesn't agree. The sad fact is that I *can*
reach the top notes (well, up to E an octave and a major third above
middle C on a very good day) and it sounds good enough, but I can't
keep it up for more than a few minutes. I know that, my throat knows
it, but people who hear me filling in as a soprano in the church
choir when both real sopranos have gone to Communion (and the second
soprano fills in for me a moment earlier or later) don't know it.

My effective range is approximately the octave-and-a-half from G
below middle C to C above, with an awkward break around A that I can
push to B flat if absolutely necessary. That also makes it difficult
to sing a soprano part, because the top part of Orthodox church music
tends to have 90% of its range between F and D and I hit the break in
every phrase.

My comfortable range is from A to A, mostly. I know I'm an alto :-)


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