Gnosticism (was Re: A Very Deep Secret)

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And the Gospel of Thomas--wasn't that the one written by a man who might
have been Jesus's twin brother?  Didymus Thomas Judas--both of the first
two words mean 'twin' and Judas is historically the name of one of Jesus'
brothers.  That was also the one in which Peter complained because Jesus
kissed Mary Magdalene on the lips more than he did the rest of the
followers.  Then there's also the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, which has
information about Jesus' childhood, before he was quite as good as he
later became.

My personal favorite story from any of the New Testament?  The one where
someone (I'm thinking it was Paul, not one of the Twelve, and I'm sure it
wasn't Jesus) resurrects a tuna fish.  I'll have to go reference that
one. . . 

lizzie, who would like to reccomend (though someone probably already did
this) Elaine Pagels' book on Adam and Eve, along with Phyllis Trible's
essay "Eve and Adam."  And, while I'm on good essays by feminists I read
in my fem theologies class, there's a gorgeous piece (not religious, as I
remember) by Audre Lorde called "On the Uses of the Erotic."  Nothing
pornographic at all about it--just deeply beautiful and effective.


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> > In any case you can see for yourself a lot of the material Pagels has been
> > working with if you get hold of a book by M[ontague] R[hodes] James (yes,
> > he of the ghost stories, he had a day job too!). It is called THE
> > APOCRYPHAL NEW TESTAMENT (Oxford Uni Press) and contains a lot of the
> early
> > Christian writings that for one reason or another did not get included in
> > the New Testament. Did you know that the Revelation of John almost did not
> > make the cut either? Many felt it was too much like the even more
> colourful
> > putative revelations of famous people like Peter, Paul, Thomas, Stephen
> and
> > the Holy Virgin....
> There was one bloke, can't remember who or exactly when but it was about the
> time the canon of scripture was established, who wanted to cut out the
> entire Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures, and I think all the New Testament
> except Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts and possibly the odd epistle.
> The epistle to the Hebrews refers to the book of Enoch, which isn't part of
> the canon but presumably was when Hebrews was written. Can't remember the
> exact reference but if anyone's desperate to know the epistle's not that
> long...
> And I remember having to read a chunk of the Gospel of Thomas, in which
> Peter announced that Mary Magdalene shouldn't be around because of being
> female, and Jesus replied that it was all right because come the Millennium
> (or whatever you want to call the time of future perfection) she and all
> other faithful women would be transformed into men. Hmm.
> Rosie
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