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Mon Sep 10 22:55:55 EDT 2001

--- Philip.Belben at wrote:

> Years ago, I went to one of those "Handel's
> _Messiah_ from scratch" concerts.
> The choir was very mottley, and I remarked that the
> difference between the
> sopranos and the altos was that the altos were those
> who knew that they couldn't
> reach the top notes; the sopranos were those who
> didn't know that they couldn't
> reach the top notes ;-)

<laughing>  actually, i think there are yet more ways
of looking at this, especially if what you have is a
motley group of casual singers:
1) altos are those who are afraid of high notes
2) sopranos are those who are afraid of harmony

> Actually, it's fascinating (if off-topic) to read
> about everyone's musical
> inclinations.  I'm off on holiday for a week, but
> when I come back I'll collect
> all the replies I can find and see what sort of an
> orchestra we could muster if
> we did all get together in one place...

it occurs to me that i did not mention what voice part
i sing earlier... in choirs, i tend to sing second
soprano, as it lets me sing melody [and in the higher
register, which i like] whenever the sopranos aren't
split, which is my natural inclination, but forces me
to work on my harmony when the sopranos are split,
which is good practice.


obDWJ: i have to admit, i'm glad my voice cannot
really be considered birdlike -- i'd picture the choir
scene from Witch Week and laugh at inopportune moments
during rehearsals far too often!

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