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Ven ven at
Mon Sep 10 20:10:02 EDT 2001

> >  > Sophie
> >>
> >>  (who has to admit that she does not much like the Doors)
> >>
> >Yes! Hurrah! I LOATHE the Doors! What a load of overrated poo! If Jim
> >Morrison hadn't died young they would mercifully have been forgotten by
> >now. Ania

> Oh Ania, what a pity you're too repressed to give your honest opinion
> about the Doors. :)  I'm not interested enough now to attempt to give any
> kind of justification for my at-the-time fandom, especially as this was
> Seb's group.  Ulp.

As I have pointed out already to Ania off list I am still quite fond of 
the Doors. And, if I can remember Atomic Rooster, I would still 
remember them even if Jim wasn't dead!

> However, Ven's comment about the freaky-Seb-family-situation-song did make
> me think of other songs that fit:  People Are Strange was the most obvious
> and certainly ties in beautifully!  But what about Break on Through (to
> the other side) - has a nowhere/ here now sort of ring to it, maybe?

I think you're right there. I suspect both Indigo Rubber and Seb's 
liking for the Doors have something to do with the music coming 
out of Dwj's sons' rooms at one time or another. As a soundtrack 
for either of these books they definitely have to heard muffled by a 
bedroom door and accompanied by occasional shouts of "turn that 
bloody racket down." Actually I think Laurel would have been really 
quite irritated by Seb's choice of music, although come to think of 
it the Doors do fit in rather well with the doomed musician theme.


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