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Paul and Kyra and somebody else...

> > > Gnosticism of course proposes that the God who created the world
> > > is in fact evil and is merely deluded into thinking that he is
> > > true creator of existence.
> >
> > Desperately trying to recall some of my first- and second-year
> > theology work, I'm not sure either of these is right. "Gnosis"
> > indeed mean knowledge, and the Gnostics were an early sect, but
> > didn't have much to do with the existence of the monastic
> > And they didn't believe God was evil.
> On reflection, I think the evil-and-deluded-ruler-of-the-world thing
> was the Albigensian Heresy.

<frowns>  If I recall correctly (which I quite possibly don't), the
Gnostics were the crowd who thought physical things were bad, and
therefore anything that created a physical world must also be bad.
I've a notion the Albigensian Heresy might have been related, but the
main thing that got them persecuted was their idea that one might as
well enjoy the pleasures of the flesh (whether because they're good,
or because we're all inherently flawed anyway, I'm not sure).

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian. (too lazy to go downstairs and look up the encyclopaedia)
Dorian E. Gray
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