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Ven, quoting me, quoting Ven:

>>> From the reverence with which Douglas and their friends regard
>>> them Indigo Rubber must have been a "Supergroup", a Cream, or
>> Could be, but I thought the opposite - that Indigo Rubber was a quite
>> obscure group, fandom of which gave one a sort of "not one of the crowd"
>> cachet.  That's why they could look down on "the sort of person who
>> listened to commercial pop".
> I think you are too young to remember what it was like in the early
> seventies when TOD was written, Philip. In those days album sales

Ooh!  I may be too young, but only just!  I was born in 1967.

No, it's my musical background that is different.  I grew up on Beethoven and
Holst and so on, plus traditional church music.  My first "favourite composer"
was Tchaikovsky, when I was about 9 or 10 (I insisted on playing the piece by
Tchaikovsky for my grade 2 piano, even though I could probably have played the
alternative piece by Khachaturian far better).  I don't recall, for example,
that I ever listened to Top of the Pops until I was in my late teens (16?), and
not regularly until I was in my 20s.  The pop scene of the 70s just totally
passed me by.

> were much lower than for singles so commercial maeant having
> single not album success. Bands like Cream, Yes, Blind Faith,
> Led Zep (who irrc refused to release singles) were for the
> cognoscenti among school kids and students and had little
> exposure.

Fair enough.  I think I also misunderstood what you meant by a "supergroup".


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