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> >>Who else writes books and is a musician?

Samuel R Delany. In the early sixties he played folk gigs in 
Greenwich Village. For a very brief time his name topped the bill on 
a cafe's chalkboard, above that of an unknown -- Bob Dylan. Only 
for a brief time because Bob took his guitar home when they 
wouldn't change it.

> Ven:
> > From the reverence with which Douglas and their friends regard
> > them Indigo Rubber must have been a "Supergroup", a Cream, or
> Could be, but I thought the opposite - that Indigo Rubber was a quite
> obscure group, fandom of which gave one a sort of "not one of the crowd"
> cachet.  That's why they could look down on "the sort of person who
> listened to commercial pop".

I think you are too young to remember what it was like in the early 
seventies when TOD was written, Philip. In those days album sales 
were much lower than for singles so commercial maeant having 
single not album success. Bands like Cream, Yes, Blind Faith, 
Led Zep (who irrc refused to release singles) were for the 
cognoscenti among school kids and students and had little 
exposure. Radio One played chart music most of the time with 
only John Peel and the 6-7 week night show playing "progressive 
music". On telly there was only TOTP (a chart show for the non 
Brits) and The Old Grey Whistle Test which played worthy ie 
progressive music.  (Of course the lines were really quite blurred, 
Marc Bolan, for example  got his first radio play on Peel and i 
seem to remember a time when Rod stewart and Elton John were 
not considered "commercial".) I agree Indigo Rubber could have 
been based  on one of the obscurer bands John Peel used to 
play(Caravan? Henry Cow? Camel?) but  it was mostly obscure to 
all but a few in those dark days before MTV. Thank God for punk 
eh? I was a glam rock kid, into Bowie in a big way  (I saw him on 
the Ziggy Stardust tour, which I mention purely for the cred points) 
but I imagine Douglas having similar taste to my big brother, who 
used to make me be quiet during Ginger Baker's interminable drum 

> > Led Zep, maybe Yes or (rotfl) Emerson Lake and Palmer (does
> > anyone else remember the tour lorries with their names on the
> > roof?). I suppose Dwj may also have derived "Indigo" form the
> > example of King Crimson or Pink Floyd.
> Possibly.  I always thought it came from a malapropism for india-rubber,
> though. 

Both at once is possible.
ISTR she acknowledges whom she got that name from somewhere 
in the
> book.


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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