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Thu Sep 6 16:43:00 EDT 2001

>>  > Sophie
>>>  (who has to admit that she does not much like the Doors)
>>Yes! Hurrah! I LOATHE the Doors! What a load of overrated poo! If Jim
>>Morrison hadn't died young they would mercifully have been forgotten by now.
>Oh Ania, what a pity you're too repressed to give your honest opinion
>about the Doors. :)  I'm not interested enough now to attempt to give
>any kind of justification for my at-the-time fandom, especially as
>this was Seb's group.  Ulp.
I am also quite fond of the Doors, and Morrison's widow, Patricia Keneally
Morrison (sometimes published as Patricia KeneallY) writes passable Celtic
I, for awhile, considered getting a Doors CD to listen to when I read F&H
(Which is usually a monthly occurence.)...that was aftrer I figured out
that the Doors existed, of course.  But I don't think I've heard more than
one or two of their songs.
P.s. I can play the flute (quite badly, but ne'ertheless.  I could play Ode
to Joy quite well in my prime (8th grade).)

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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