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> Jacob and I were in a filk group called Tarnished Galahad 
> while we were in school, with a few other friends.  We were 
> never what you'd call professional, and we don't play many 
> instruments (except a few guitars), but we had fun.  And we 
> did a chilling arrangement of "Red as Blood"--you can 
> probably guess whose story inspired that one....

Melissa left me to do my own bragging :p.  In case you're interested, I
wrote a filk song.  I didn't use any existing song to change the
words--I rolled my own.  It's about a character from one of our role
playing campaigns.  It's posted at if
you want to give it a look.  All my writing is at if you want to start at the top and check out
my other poems and/or essays.  A friend of mine worked out the music for
it and it turned out quite good if I do say so myself.  In the sung
version, we start with the Chorus.

As mentioned, we used to sing as Tarnished Galahad and we had a lot of
fun.  I'm a natural Baritone which leaves me in the awkward middle most
of the time.  I'm not high enough for a true tenor so I usually end up
with the Basses because I can cover that whole range.  Melissa is a
great Alto.  We had a bardic recently and it made me want to resurrect
Tarnished Galahad.  Our church choir is nice and all, but they never
sing "Red as Blood" let alone "Eve's Choice"...

Jacob Proffitt

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