The ideal Music to read a Dwj novel to

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Sep 6 15:08:15 EDT 2001

>  > Sophie
>>  (who has to admit that she does not much like the Doors)
>Yes! Hurrah! I LOATHE the Doors! What a load of overrated poo! If Jim
>Morrison hadn't died young they would mercifully have been forgotten by now.

Oh Ania, what a pity you're too repressed to give your honest opinion 
about the Doors. :)  I'm not interested enough now to attempt to give 
any kind of justification for my at-the-time fandom, especially as 
this was Seb's group.  Ulp.

However, Ven's comment about the freaky-Seb-family-situation-song did 
make me think of other songs that fit:  People Are Strange was the 
most obvious and certainly ties in beautifully!  But what about Break 
on Through (to the other side) - has a nowhere/ here now sort of ring 
to it, maybe?

On a related topic, we got a new CD today, and I was looking at it 
while thinking about the thread.  There was a version of the Two 
Sisters song which in mentioned in _The Perilous Gard_, and I was 
thinking about that connection, and looked at the credit for the next 
song, which was to someone with Tamlyn Music!  Well, ok, it's all 
pretty minor, but it amused me.


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