The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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On Thu, 06 Sep 2001 21:01:40 +0300, Tarja Rainio wrote:

>on 6.9.2001 18:24, Philip.Belben at at
>Philip.Belben at wrote:
>> So, to take stock:
>> Me (Philip): Keyboards, voice, bassoon
>> Becca: Voice
>> Dorian: Voice, cello, some random instrument (shall I see if I can get my
>> ukulele to stay in tune?)
>> Laurel: Piano, voice, cello
>> Sophie: Harp
>> I can write tunes, and Becca writes pretty good lyrics.
>> That's five of us, enough for a reasonable group.  Three in Ireland, one in
>> England, one in Florida.  Hmm... Arranging rehearsals could be tricky :-)
>I'm a soprano, but haven't done any singing in a choir or other kind of
>group for a while.

Jacob is a baritone.  I'm alto/mezzosoprano depending on what the weather's

Melissa Proffitt
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