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Thu Sep 6 14:16:08 EDT 2001

Philip said...
> >
> > I sing a passable alto, and, while not actually playing anything
> > properly, can get a decent noise out of almost every instrument
> > excepted).  Hallie and Becca both sing too, I think - I know
Becca's a
> > soprano, and she plays the piano too.  And you play brass, don't
> > Philip?  There's a fair-ish start!
> Not brass, I'm afraid.  Piano, bassoon, organ; I'm teaching myself
the whistle
> (flageolet?) at the moment.  And I sing bass.  (For those who don't
know, a
> bassoon is a woodwind instrument, a relative of the oboe but
sounding 2 octaves
> lower)

Okay...I was confused, I think, because I remembered you talking about
embouchure (sp?) and I generally equate the necessity for that with
brass.  But I think I was actually thinking of the bassoon (a lovely
> Ven:
> > From the reverence with which Douglas and their friends regard
> > them Indigo Rubber must have been a "Supergroup", a Cream, or
> Could be, but I thought the opposite - that Indigo Rubber was a
quite obscure
> group, fandom of which gave one a sort of "not one of the crowd"
cachet.  That's
> why they could look down on "the sort of person who listened to
commercial pop".

That's sort of the way I saw it too.  Maybe they're some kind of
Goth/Heavy Metal cross. :-)
> So, to take stock:
> Me (Philip): Keyboards, voice, bassoon
> Becca: Voice
> Dorian: Voice, cello, some random instrument (shall I see if I can
get my
> ukulele to stay in tune?)
> Laurel: Piano, voice, cello
> Sophie: Harp

Well, we should have reasonable harmony with a soprano, an alto and a
bass...Laurel, what do you sing?  Tenor?  Please?

So...if Philip sticks mainly to the bassoon, and Laurel to the cello,
we could have Becca on the piano, and I'll take care of the percussion
(I have the major qualifications for percussion:  I can count rests
correctly!).  I can also add in tenor recorder, which is probably the
instrument I play least badly.
> I can write tunes, and Becca writes pretty good lyrics.

I can probably bash out a few lyrics too...
> That's five of us, enough for a reasonable group.  Three in Ireland,
one in
> England, one in Florida.  Hmm... Arranging rehearsals could be
tricky :-)

Oh, I'm sure we can find a rehearsal studio *somewhere* in cyberspace!

> PS Sophie - Keep on snipping!  As far as I am concerned, it's not a
good idea to
> clutter up replies with loads of material from previous messages
that's no
> longer relevant to your reply.

Hear, hear!  I've been spoiled by my writers' lists, where
non-snippers are officially jumped upon.  I like snipping.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can
do is to shut up!"
--Tom Lehrer

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