The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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Thu Sep 6 14:01:40 EDT 2001

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Philip.Belben at wrote:
> So, to take stock:
> Me (Philip): Keyboards, voice, bassoon
> Becca: Voice
> Dorian: Voice, cello, some random instrument (shall I see if I can get my
> ukulele to stay in tune?)
> Laurel: Piano, voice, cello
> Sophie: Harp
> I can write tunes, and Becca writes pretty good lyrics.
> That's five of us, enough for a reasonable group.  Three in Ireland, one in
> England, one in Florida.  Hmm... Arranging rehearsals could be tricky :-)

I'm a soprano, but haven't done any singing in a choir or other kind of
group for a while. Some years ago I was part of a local filk group
Naukuhuulet (Barrow-wights) and we sang filk with some Tolkien inspired
lyrics and some horror-based lyrics that were set to familiar tunes. The
group is no more active, since people have moved to other towns, had babies,
and all kinds of other stuff that didn't really leave any time for regular
rehearsals. Add me to the DWJ musical group and we'll have really
interesting time trying to set up rehearsals =).


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