The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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Thu Sep 6 13:14:17 EDT 2001

Melissa wrote:

>Leslie Fish has
>set some of Rudyard Kipling's poetry to music (in addition to writing her
>own fantastic works).

Getting way off topic, but if youi are interested in Kipling songs, 
you should know about Peter Bellamy. A great English folk revival 
singer (co-founder of the seminal trio The Young Tradition back in 
the 1960s), and one of the driving forces in English traditional 
music up to his suicide in 1991, he set a large number of Kipling's 
songs, usually to existing tunes. they're recorded on a number of 
albums; most recently a collection of his work "Wake the Vaulted 
Echoes" has been rereleased on CD.

The Anglo-American duo Tony Barrand and John ROberts have released a 
collection of Bellamy's Kipling settings (and one more of their own, 
a setting of "The Astrologer's Song" to an old hymn tune), called 
"Naulakha Redux."

I know of a few other recordings of Bellamy settings: his "Oak and 
Ash and Thorn" is an chestnut by now in pagan, morris and filk 
circles. "Frankie's Trade" has made the rounds, as has "Smuggler's 
Song" (that's the next one I want to learn). Finest Kind did my 
favorite recording, a wonderful, rousing rendition of "Pilgrim's 
And "Road to Mandalay" has been recorded by at least three different 
groups, including The Friends of Fiddlers Green on the album of that 
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