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>> (filk being fantasy and science fiction themed music,
>> often but not necessarily of a folk nature)
>That's an interesting definition of filk.  I must admit that I don't consider my
>settings of words by Tanith Lee and Fritz Leiber to be filk, even though they're
>pulled straight out of SF novels.
>Filk as it was explained to me is taking existing songs and re-writing the words
>to give them a theme.  It's not restricted to the F&SF community, either - I
>have somewhere a copy of the Hacker's Song Book - a collection of filk songs on
>computer themes...

It's true that it's not restricted to F&SF, but it isn't true that filk is
just a rewriting of existing songs.  At least not any more.  I have some old
filkbooks that are primarily new words to old songs--"You Bash the Balrog"
to the tune of "Waltzing Matilda" is one of the most infamous.  :)  But most
of the filk we sing now when I get together with friends for a bardic is
original F&SF themed music.  There are filk collections based on Anne
McCaffrey's Pern books, the Elfquest series, Tolkien, etc.  Leslie Fish has
set some of Rudyard Kipling's poetry to music (in addition to writing her
own fantastic works).  Mercedes Lackey has written some really good ones,
mostly set in Valdemar (I think).

>(It is said that the name "filk" arose from a typing error for "folk")

Also true.

Jacob and I were in a filk group called Tarnished Galahad while we were in
school, with a few other friends.  We were never what you'd call
professional, and we don't play many instruments (except a few guitars), but
we had fun.  And we did a chilling arrangement of "Red as Blood"--you can
probably guess whose story inspired that one....

Melissa Proffitt
who has never sung "Banned from Argo" even once
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