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On 6 Sep 2001, at 1:04, JOdel at aol.com wrote:

> Join the club. It's prticularly bad for me since I somehow NEVER had to take 
> a world history class in my entire 16 years of formal schooling. You can 
> imagine how flummoxed I was (in my middle 20s) to discover that Elizabeth I 
> was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Bolyn. (It took so little to astonish 
> me in those days...)

I always felt that history lessons only gave you small bits and never 
connected happenings in different countries with each other. It took 
me ages to realize that, for example, the various revolutions, 
murdered kings and independence wars in the late 18th-century 
actually happened, roughly, at the same time and that the same 
writers and thinkers were influencing them.

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