The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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--- Sophie Liebregts <s_liebregts at> wrote:
> As Melissa says in the next post. Emma Bull is. Has
> anyone actually heard any of her records? I think
> you
> can just about order them, which I never got round
> to
> doing. From their description they seem like
> something
> I would either really like or hate depending which
> way
> it was done. So if anyone has heard it I would be
> interested to hear you opinion.

what i get for reading the posts somewhat out of
i've so far only heard the second album by The Flash
Girls, _Maurice and I_.  i will be hearing the third
one shortly [and seeing them in concert on Saturday,
probably twice!].  i really like it, but i'm not sure
if i can explain why enough to know if you would
really like it.  so far, i lent it to two people; one
of them loved it [she likes folk music, and the dark
sensibility] and the other [a musician, who plays
Celticish folkish rock] liked the musical style but
felt that they were a bit uneven and i think the
unpolished nature of some of the vocals got to him.
gothic-celtic-folk is probably how i would catagorize
them... there's some style variation even on that one
album, some more traditional, some a bit gothy, some
very rollicking, some a rather amazing combination of
all three...


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