The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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Thu Sep 6 11:11:00 EDT 2001

--- Nat Case <ncase at> wrote:
> >I've a notion Emma Bull is a singer, too, and
> Steven Brust.

yup, Emma Bull and Steven Brust are both musicians;
Emma sings and plays guitar and Steve plays the
drombek (i think i have that spelling right), and
possibly other percussive things and possibly also
sings occasionally but i'm not really sure about that.
they played together in a now-defunct band called Cats
Laughing, whose cd's are near-impossible to find. 
Emma Bull is half the duo The Flash Girls, with The
Fabulous Lorraine [who is also the Lorraine Garland
who Neil Gaiman occasionally mentions]... they just
put out a new album (their third); Neil Gaiman
regularly writes songs for them, Adam Stemple and
Steve Brust often play on their albums, they have
lyrics from Jane Yolen, Dorothy Parker, and Alan
Moore, among others.

Steve has a near-impossible to find album called A
Rose for Iconoclasts, and plays in a band called

> Jane Yolen's son, Adam Stemple, is a musician in the
> Twin Cities, and 
> one of the members of both the Tim Molloys and
> Boiled in Lead. They 
> collaborated on music for the Great Alta books, and
> he also worked 
> with Steve Brust on music for _ Gypsy_ (by Brust &
> Megan Lindholm 
> (?)).

yes, that's right.  i just read the book and listened
to the album recently and found them both to be

as for other writer/musicians...
as noted above, Neil Gaiman has written songs but i
don't know if he plays or sings.
Tom Holt writes wonderful filk but i believe he does
not perform.
i have this vague notion that Lois Bujold is
active-ish in filk circles but have no additional
i believe that Poul Anderson wrote filk, as well... i
don't know about performing.

(filk being fantasy and science fiction themed music,
often but not necessarily of a folk nature)


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