The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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Thu Sep 6 07:35:34 EDT 2001

I can't quite work out who said what in this discussion:

> >>  Who else writes books and is a musician?
> >
> >Mercedes Lackey sings and plays the guitar.  She has quite a nice alto
> >voice.
> >
> >I've a notion Emma Bull is a singer, too, and Steven Brust.
> >>
> >>  Also with a musical theme, try "Space Opera" by Jack Vance.  The
> >"Spellsinger"
> >>  series by Alan Dean Foster tries hard, but doesn't quite make it in
> >my opinion,
> >  > but if you try it you may disagree.
> Jane Yolen's son, Adam Stemple, is a musician in the Twin Cities, and
> one of the members of both the Tim Molloys and Boiled in Lead. They
> collaborated on music for the Great Alta books, and he also worked
> with Steve Brust on music for _ Gypsy_ (by Brust & Megan Lindholm
> (?)).
> Ellen Kushner, the host of Sound & Spirit on public radio, is also
> some variety of musician, and her _Thomas the Rhymer_ definitely has
> a musical sensibility.
> Susan Cooper's "what did you want to be when you grew up" was
> classical pianist; she gave it up to become a writer.

I remember reading on one of her book blurbs that Patricia McKillip
originally wanted to be a pianist...


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