The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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> s_liebregts at wrote:
> > Finnish as well. Tarja, do you know Varttina. I
> love
> > them.
> Yes, I do. They are very much based on the eastern
> tradition (Karelia) ,
> though they have modernised the settings of some
> songs. Still, most are
> based on authentic old songs.
> Another Finnish folk group that I really like is
> Angelin tytöt (Girls from
> Angeli, lately renamed to Angelit) who are Saami and
> have made traditional
> albums, but the girls have also collaborated with a
> heavy metal band Waltari
> to create some quite "interesting" songs. Fun, if
> you like both folk music
> and heavy metal =).
> Tarja
Oh, I think I know what you mean! Waltari had one
minor hit in Holland, of the top of my head I would
say it was about 8 years ago? Starts with the women
singers (sort of like hey da dee da ya hey da dee da
ya) and then kicks in with metal guitars and a sort of
ska-rythym as well.

I never knew that they were a band in their own right
and will certainly keep an eye open out for them. 


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