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Thu Sep 6 06:19:19 EDT 2001

Laurie writes:

> I really enjoyed the first two "Aunt Dimity" books --they are such comfort
> reads--but have really disliked the later ones. I'm not sure why. I
> moderately liked the first three Diane Mott Davidson "culinary mysteries"
> with Goldie, but have loathed all the rest.  Anyone have a similar
> reaction?  Any mystery readers who can recommend a few good authors?  I
> have my favorites, but am having trouble finding "new" authors.

I've enjoyed the later Aunt Dimity books as much as the first ones, so I
don't why you didn't! :-) Did you feel that it became formulaic, perhaps, or
did you just get sick of the basic premise?

There's a "cozy" series by Tamar Myers, set in the Amish-Mennonite
community, whose first books is called _Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth_. The
second is _Parely, Sage, Rosemary and crime_.They are very funny and
enjoyable books. After the third or fourth books the jokes started to repeat
themselves and it becomes formulaic. The same author has another mystery
series but I haven't read any of those.

There's a mystery or suspence book by Barbara Erskine called _Whispers in
the Sand_ sitting by my bedstand waiting to be read, but there are so many
there, I don't know what to read next! But it sounds good--a woman retraces
the cruise her grandmother did along the Nile, and is followed by two men...

So many books, so little time. Sometimes I wish I could read *much* faster.


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