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 --- Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at> wrote: > Kyra:
> >_User Unfriendly_ by Vivian Vande Velde - I've read a couple of
> other
> >books by her, both fantasy-romances, which, intriguingly enough,
> had the
> >exact same male romantic lead, only in one book he was a vampire
> and in
> >the other a dragon.  He happens to be very much just my type,
> though, so I
> >can't say I minded ;-).
> :)  We've read one of those - the one in which he's a dragon.  He's
> wonderful!  Very disappointing ending to a great book, IMHO.

I've not read those above... Sounds like something I'll grab my hands
upon when I find them, though.

> >the Seven Citadels quartet by Geraldine Harris - I don't think I
> can
> >emphasize enough how much I love these books.  But the copies that
> my
> >library has of them has a DWJ blurb on the back, so maybe that'll
> pursuade
> >people to read them.  This is just a fantastically detailed world,
> >and, again, I _love_ the characters.  Yum, yum, yum.  Basically,
> the book
> >is about an ancient empire which is clearly doomed.  A young
> prince and
> >his half-brother (IIRC the son of a concubine) must save it by
> >encountering seven immortal sorcerers/esses - and persuading them
> to give
> >up their powers.  These books just rule.
> Oh thank heavens!  I found the second of these books used, and 
> grabbed it because of what DWJ said about it (cover was vile, and 
> story could have been very ho-hum from the description).  Never
> could 
> find the others, it sounded important to read them in order from
> what 
> DWJ said, so I've been meaning to ask you all about them for ages. 
> I 
> wasn't quite ready to order the others off ABE or the like without 
> anything other than the blurb, as I got another book on the basis
> of 
> a DWJ blurb (much shorter, so possibly suspect), and found it 
> unexciting.  Now I know about the Seven Citadels though.  Thank
> you!
I've read those as well! I really did love them when I read them...
And reread them.... I've read all of them three, four times I
think... Really recommended!
> Hallie.
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