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>I have great gaping holes in my historical knowledge that are continually
>being filled.  Sometimes I'll know all about some period without ever having
>connected it to the rest of history.  For example, I knew about the Regency
>period for the longest time before I realized that it was called this
>because George III had gone off his nut and that he was the same King George
>the American colonies had rebelled against.  It makes for interesting
>epiphanies sometimes.
Join the club. It's prticularly bad for me since I somehow NEVER had to take 
a world history class in my entire 16 years of formal schooling. You can 
imagine how flummoxed I was (in my middle 20s) to discover that Elizabeth I 
was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Bolyn. (It took so little to astonish 
me in those days...)
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