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Wed Sep 5 20:51:05 EDT 2001

Hallie wrote, Dorian wrote

> >  >
> >>  > "The Ogre Downstairs" has to be 70s rock...Whitesnake and Deep
> >Purple,
> >>  > interspersed with the Bay City Rollers (!).
> Oh Lord!  The Bay City Rollers would drive everyone mad!

Don't forget the Osmonds, Ginny was what 8? she might have liked 
Donny, or, worse, much much worse, little jimmy may have been 
her favourite.

> >  >
> >>  :-)  We are never told what sort of music Indigo Rubber play, are
> >we?  But it's
> >>  a great name for a group!  

>From the reverence with which Douglas and their friends regard 
them Indigo Rubber must have been a "Supergroup", a Cream, or 
Led Zep, maybe Yes or (rotfl) Emerson Lake and Palmer (does 
anyone else remember the tour lorries with their names on the 
roof?). I suppose Dwj may also have derived "Indigo" form the 
example of King Crimson or Pink Floyd.


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Diana Wynne Jones

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