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Wed Sep 5 20:51:05 EDT 2001

Deborah wrote
> ) I reread _Crown of Dalemark_ for the first time, and I like it
> much better this time.  I think I preferred the world without so
> much closure and explanation, but now that I'm resigned to it, I
> liked the book for what it is.  Do people think that "True State
> of Affairs" is exactly the same Dalemark as the other four?
> Anyway, rereading _Crown_ has inspired me to do a Dalemark
> character map.  I hope it will be more sucessful than my attempt
> to plot timelines in _Hexwood_ (complete failure!)

I always find myself wanting to equate the locale of The True State 
of Affairs with Everard's Ride. Although this may because they are 
in the same book, and because imprisonment figures in both I just 
feel that they fit. And although I can well see how TSA could be 
cognate with Dalemark it doesn't feel quite right. 

Hmm am I right in thinking that before Derkholm these (ER 
Dalemark quartet and TSA) were the only  works set in any kind of  
fantasyland?  That makes the similarities look like the evolution of 
the idea.


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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