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Wed Sep 5 20:51:05 EDT 2001

I'm one of the people who can't listen to music and read at the 
same time.

Rebecca quoted
> >> With "Fire and Hemlock" should go a mixture of Steeleye Span (British
> >> folk-rock; IIRC they did version of both "Tam Lin" and "Thomas the
> >> Rhymer") and 80s pop.
> >

and said

> >Gosh, no!  String quartets and cello music, almost exclusively :-)  Try
> >Dvorak's cello concerto for starters.
> and the Doors :)
> Rebecca, who for ages thought that the Doors (and Michael Moorcock) were
> made up exclusively for Seb, and was quite surprised to find that she had
> listened to Doors music.

It has long been a minor niggle for me that in F&H the band is 
consistently referred to as "Doors" rather than "The Doors" I 
wonder if that was in the editing or the origianl writing. They have 
always struck me as the perfect band for Seb. There's that song 
with a very unsettling backing track where Jim Morrison intones, in 
a voice deep as darkness, "I went down the hallway...... " and it's 
about killing his parents. Just right for poor Seb's kind of family life. 


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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