The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

Nat Case ncase at
Wed Sep 5 18:20:25 EDT 2001

>  > With "Fire and Hemlock" should go a mixture of Steeleye Span (British
>>  folk-rock; IIRC they did version of both "Tam Lin" and "Thomas the
>>  Rhymer") and 80s pop.
>Fairport Convention (Brit folk-rock, 70s, similar to Steeleye Span in many
>ways) did a cracking version of Tam Lin.
>And while I remember, John Renbourn who used to be in Pentangle (Brit
>folk-rock, 70s, etc.), on his album entitled Sampler, does a great version
>of John Donne's Song ("Go and catch a falling star...")

My favorite singing version of "Tam Lin" is Frankie Armstrong's on 
her album "I Heard a Woman Singing." When I've sung the ballad, 
that's the tune I use. I think Ewan McColl did a version too, but 
I've only ever actually heard his "Thomas the Rhymer."

But I find for sheer theatricality, nothing beats the Steeleye Span 
version (on "Tonight's the Night"). The bit at the end ("...I'd hae 
taken out your heart/And put in a heart of stone") gives me the 
heebies whenever I hear it. You need a voice like Maddy Prior's to 
pull off the Faerie Queen...

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