The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Sep 5 17:24:45 EDT 2001

Philip and Dorian:

>  >
>>  > With "Fire and Hemlock" should go a mixture of Steeleye Span
>>  > folk-rock; IIRC they did version of both "Tam Lin" and "Thomas the
>>  > Rhymer") and 80s pop.
>>  Gosh, no!  String quartets and cello music, almost exclusively :-)
>Try Dvorak's
>>  cello concerto for starters.
>Oh, how could I have forgotten about the celli?!  I am such a fool.
>Of course there should be some of that too.  I agree about the Dvorak,
>and I'll add Brahms' Cello Sonatas (two of my all-time favourite
>pieces of music!).

Some cello music, yes, but there could be some Doors also!  I 
actually got a few cool points when Becca heard and loved two of the 
Doors songs and I told her what they were and that I had been a big 
fan way back when.  (She was completely unimpressed when we read F&H 
and I told her about this - it was only when she heard the songs 
herself that they had an impact.)

>  >
>>  > "The Ogre Downstairs" has to be 70s rock...Whitesnake and Deep
>>  > interspersed with the Bay City Rollers (!).

Oh Lord!  The Bay City Rollers would drive everyone mad!

>  >
>>  :-)  We are never told what sort of music Indigo Rubber play, are
>we?  But it's
>>  a great name for a group!  (Should we start one?  There must be
>enough of us who
>>  can play/sing...)
>I sing a passable alto, and, while not actually playing anything
>properly, can get a decent noise out of almost every instrument (flute
>excepted).  Hallie and Becca both sing too, I think - I know Becca's a
>soprano, and she plays the piano too.

I only dog-paddle <makes appropriate paddling motions>  (I hope other 
people use this line for all sorts of occasions - we all quote The 
Princess Bride incessantly!)

>"The Homeward Bounders" needs lots of different styles of music,
>preferably involving plenty of little-known things like Icelandic
>folk-songs and African tribal stuff and wail-y Middle Eastern things.

We had a discussion like this ages ago, and Elise recommended Dead 
Can Dance.  I think their music might fit Dorian's bill here.

Back then, I proposed Tannahill Weavers "Unicorn Set" for _Cart and 
Cwidder_ - wonderfully wanderey, roamy song.  Made at least one new 
fan too!


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