I have returned. I report. I ramble.

Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Wed Sep 5 17:06:56 EDT 2001

Hello everyone,
I have returned from my travels in Ireland and have just read the 270+
emails from the list. I already commented on a couple of things, here's my
report and more rambling commentary.
1. Ireland wonderful. Weather mostly splendid. Manuscripts consulted for
PhD. Aran Islands (favourite place full of antiquities and Gaelic speakers)
visited. Several books acquired, incl. Minor Arcana and Anne of the Island.
2. I report that I met Hallie and Dorian and they are wonderful and they let
us (me and my son) stay at their houses and fed us and put up with us and
let us at their books. Thank you again, publicly this time.
3. I also report that I took with me Albion's Dream (by Roger Norman) and
Satanic Mill (by Ottfried Preussler) and Hallie read and liked them both,
and Dorian liked AD but not SM. When Ven was visiting, I made her read them
too, and she liked both.
I therefore recommend both to those who wanted recommendations.
4. I recently reread all LM Montgomery's Anne novels I could get hold of and
yet again I howled with laughter, frequently in public (like on the
Galway-Dublin bus) upon reading them.
5. While in Dublin, I went to see A Knight's Tale at the cinema and must
recommend it to everyone. It was deeply and pointlessly enjoyable. The sets
and costumes were gorgeous. The hero (Heath Ledger) is heroic and good
looking. The girls are pretty (says my son, 14). There is much jousting,
sword fighting and silliness. The baddy is played by Rufus Sewell, who is
one of the most beautiful men I have ever drooled over. He has black hair,
green eyes and is stunning. He was Seth in a British TV adaptation of Cold
Comfort Farm, and also appeared in a sci-fi movie Dark City.
6. I must add briefly to the Howl thread. It appears to me that he is
working class Welsh and as such he would most definitely have a strong Welsh
accent in his English. Something like the BBC newsreader Huw Edwards, but
stronger. I do like a nice Welsh accent. It's sexy. So is a nice Irish
accent (though not as attempted by Boreanaz (Angel) who is meant to be from
Galway! His is cringeworthy. I love the word cringeworthy, btw.)
7. I shall get cracking on the collating of the questionnaire. You still
have time to fill it in, o new people, it's in the archives under the thread
"alternate identity". Several extra questions have been suggested, everyone
do feel free to add the answers to those. They were, iirc, zodiac sign and
dwj character one most identifies with.
More soon, no doubt.

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