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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Wed Sep 5 17:06:38 EDT 2001

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001 21:28:25 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>>  >Melissa burbled:
>I didn't say that!

Hee hee hee.  I did.  I wondered if you'd notice.  :)  I felt as though I'd 
been burbling all afternoon....

>>> :)  But - I must say in defence of Amazon's recommendations - I
>>>discovered _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ from them.  So if I never got
>>>one other decent recommendation, I'd consider myself in debt to them
>>>forever.  Hey - *and* _Crown Duel_ - that was another Amazon winner!
>>But you forget that if you HADN'T found _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ some of
>>us would have made you read it anyway....
>Oh, but being TSNotD-less is such a horrid fate to contemplate!  What 
>if you *hadn't* made me read it.  What if I'd been stubborn and 
>difficult!  And there's still the question of C&CD - which went the 
>other way. :)

Actually yes, because *I* read the Duel books because you and Becca had...so
I guess there are some benefits to the recommender.  (Are you saying you
trust an impersonal machine over MOI?  Perish the thought.)

I'm starting to get some more realistic suggestions from them.  For one
thing, _Eccentric Circles_ turned up the other night.  I suppose you just
have to give them enough data to work from.  It's not as accurate as
AlexLit, but it's not too bad.  And I'm more likely to get a variety of
subjects from Amazon.
>>I am actually a big fan of the Amazon.com newsletter recommendations.  
>Big surprise, I have the same subscriptions.  Some interesting new 
>recs seemed to come up (my personal one) after I bought _Passage_ 
>from them, and had spent quite a bit of time rating purchases and 
>recemmondations.  I saw these new ones, didn't have time to check 
>them out properly, and when I went back found completely off-the-wall 
>recs - some because I'd rated or purchased _Le Petit Prince_ (Yup, in 
>French), and another rate or purchase, I think, was a book about 
>medieval French poety.  Weirder still, my subscriptions had changed 
>to Business and Art and Photography.  It took three letters to Amazon 
>to get someone to *read* my explanation of the problem and finally 
>say they had no idea what could have happened. :(

How weird!  At least you got it fixed.  (I like to look at geographic
Purchase Circles, just for fun, to see what people in my area are buying.
Lots of tech and Mormon stuff.  And here I was hoping there'd be some secret
SF cabal here in West Valley....)

I just bought a bunch of books from Amazon.com today, mostly for our
upcoming Ancient Egypt unit, but a few for fun.  Also got, finally, _The
Ogre Downstairs_ from an ABE vendor.  Still waiting to hear about _The
Dragon Hoard_.  And I'm going to ditch the book I'm reading now (what did I
say about not having time to waste on boring books?) to read _The Wolves of
Willougby Chase_.  Thank you everyone for creating such a stimulating

Melissa Proffitt
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