The Whispering Mountain

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Sep 5 16:25:23 EDT 2001

>  > However I would add that there exist Joan Aiken James III books 
>that are not
>>   part of the series above.  I have "The Whispering Mountain" but I think
>>  the
>>   sequel to another book not in that series?
>It reads like a sequel, but I don't think the implied first book exists.

Oh, I think you're right!  I read TWM a couple of years ago, and 
nearly went demented with the sense of 
read?  But I was convinced there was the other book.  I wondered if 
it might have been _The Winter Sleepwalker_, which appears beofre TWM 
in several lists of JA books, but I checked just now and that's short 

_The Whispering Mountain_ is connected to the other books, as Owen 
Hughes is Dido's Captain Hughes's son.  There's also an instrument 
"something between a violin and a mandolin", called a crwth.

BTW, how do people pronounce "cwidder"?


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