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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Sep 5 16:33:44 EDT 2001

>about Death of the Necromancer
>>  >Oh no!  Sherlock Holmes?  I never picked up a hint of it.  How 
>Well, more Dr. Watson and a clever Lestrade?

If you hear a dull thumping noise it's just me hitting myself on the head..

>and about the "gay mage"
>>  That's a good reference!  I found him very touching (in fact, I had
>>  to check the end to see whether or not he survived so I didn't get
>>  any nasty surprises.)
>I'll just say: "I couldn't kill him. But I destroyed something he loved..."

That scene was so moving.  I was thinking about it after you picked 
up that sentence, and realised that it was more effective for being 
subtle.  Well, not subtle, actually, but not laid on with a trowel. 
And then of course, I thought that DWJ does this as well - writes 
gut-wrenching scenes which never once cause you to do the "ok, ok, we 
got the *point* here - a few thousand suffering words ago!" bit. 
Polly in Bristol, frex.

>And I
>checked too :)

:) Right at that particular chapter, I bet?  That's when I did.


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