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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Sep 5 16:28:25 EDT 2001

>  >Melissa burbled:

I didn't say that!

>  >
>>:)  But - I must say in defence of Amazon's recommendations - I
>>discovered _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ from them.  So if I never got
>>one other decent recommendation, I'd consider myself in debt to them
>>forever.  Hey - *and* _Crown Duel_ - that was another Amazon winner!
>But you forget that if you HADN'T found _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ some of
>us would have made you read it anyway....

Oh, but being TSNotD-less is such a horrid fate to contemplate!  What 
if you *hadn't* made me read it.  What if I'd been stubborn and 
difficult!  And there's still the question of C&CD - which went the 
other way. :)

>I am actually a big fan of the Amazon.com newsletter recommendations.  I've
>found a number of really good books that way, most recently Tanith Lee's
>_Wolf Tower_.  The actual recommendation feature on the website has been
>less useful.  It does recommend books I'll like--I know because I've already
>read them.  :)  I think it's worthwhile to subscribe to the newsletter,
>though.  It comes about once a month, it's tailored to a specific topic (I
>get the YA, Fantasy and SF, and Children's ones) and there are real live
>people picking the books.  Now, if it turns out that they do start selling
>space in the newsletter to publishers, the quality may go downhill fast.
>But for now, it's a great way to find new books.

Big surprise, I have the same subscriptions.  Some interesting new 
recs seemed to come up (my personal one) after I bought _Passage_ 
from them, and had spent quite a bit of time rating purchases and 
recemmondations.  I saw these new ones, didn't have time to check 
them out properly, and when I went back found completely off-the-wall 
recs - some because I'd rated or purchased _Le Petit Prince_ (Yup, in 
French), and another rate or purchase, I think, was a book about 
medieval French poety.  Weirder still, my subscriptions had changed 
to Business and Art and Photography.  It took three letters to Amazon 
to get someone to *read* my explanation of the problem and finally 
say they had no idea what could have happened. :(


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