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Wed Sep 5 15:58:45 EDT 2001

So here's several issues.  I should probably put them in multiple
messages to avoid threading annoyances, but oh well.  ;)

1) I'm wondering if anyone wants to help me on a data gathering
project.  I'm trying to put all the data I have about any DWJ
books into a big XML database (which I'll make publically
available to anyone who wants, and which I'll use to finally
apply a nice, consistent, updateable format to my website).  This
is exteremely time consuming.  Would anyone like to help?  Help
could consist of formatting the data for as little as one book.
Basically, if you're interested, I'll send you all the
information I've got about one book, and a template for the
format it needs to be in.  XML looks alot like a generalized form
of HTML, so you can do the work in any text editor - note pad
will do fine.  Then you send it back when you have a chance.  I'm
thinking this database could act as a general community resource.
Anyone who wanted could set up something that grabbed updated
copies of the database, and could use whatever tool they wanted
to get at the data.  Anyway, let me know if you're interested in

2) I've finally read a couple of Lemony Snickett books.  I
thought they were very cute, although after two, I can see how it
could get old after more of the same.  But I liked the two I

3)  These book recs are all great.  I still haven't started
_American Gods_ or _Curse of Chalion_ (well, I'm not next in line
for _Curse_, but I'm holkding up the _Gods_ queue).

4) I reread _Crown of Dalemark_ for the first time, and I like it
much better this time.  I think I preferred the world without so
much closure and explanation, but now that I'm resigned to it, I
liked the book for what it is.  Do people think that "True State
of Affairs" is exactly the same Dalemark as the other four?
Anyway, rereading _Crown_ has inspired me to do a Dalemark
character map.  I hope it will be more sucessful than my attempt
to plot timelines in _Hexwood_ (complete failure!)

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