The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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>Big Snip... 
 Phil wrote:
> And half the stuff Dorian mentions I haven't even
> heard of :-(
> > With "Fire and Hemlock" should go a mixture of
> Steeleye Span (British
> > folk-rock; IIRC they did version of both "Tam Lin"
> and "Thomas the
> > Rhymer") and 80s pop.
> Gosh, no!  String quartets and cello music, almost
> exclusively :-)  Try Dvorak's
> cello concerto for starters.

Cello music does seem logical. I do not know much
about classical music, though.

I used to quite like the older Steeleye Span stuff,
but I am not too crazy about their version of Tam Lin.
Gallops a bit much, if you know what I mean. But
lyrically spot on, of course.
> (I have toyed with the idea of writing a cello
> concerto based on the book.  But
> it probably won't happen...)

Wow! Do you "usually" usually compose, or did the book
move you to that idea?

> > "Power of Three"...something folkish.  Clannad,
> maybe.
> Welsh or Irish traditional harp music would be my
> first stab.

Okay, that settles it. Power of Three is next on my
catch-up list. (after Time of the Ghost which was
delivered yesterday)

Irish traditional harp is what I play! 

> > "The Homeward Bounders" needs lots of different
> styles of music,
> > preferably involving plenty of little-known things
> like Icelandic
> > folk-songs and African tribal stuff and wail-y
> Middle Eastern things.
> Definitely.  But don't forget gamelan...

Finnish as well. Tarja, do you know Varttina. I love


> > The other Chrestomanci books need something
> soberer.  Some of Bach's
> > organ stuff, perhaps.  Except "Witch Week", where
> I find myself
> > thinking The Damned.
> But something eastern for the temple of Asheth, I
> think...

Classical is not my strongest point, but from what I
remember from Bach he seems a bit too much on the
depressing side. I did not think the books were quite
that depressing. It was actually Charmed Life and The
Lives of Christopher Chant that gave of the strongest
Kate Bush vibes for me. But I don't know why, just
feels that way.

> Right.  Some more.
> Sudden Wild Magic.  What would people suggest for
> the jingly sort of music
> played in Arth and the Pentarchy? 

This was actually were I thought of gamelan. Very
jingly in my ears.

  Charles de Lint puts the music to his
> protagonist's songs in an
> appendix at the back of "The Little Country", which
> is a nice touch.  (And I
> have still only learned to play one of them!)

Hey, at last a book gets mentioned that I have read. I
bought this one because all the chapters have
traditional tune headings. I can play a few of those
on the harp actually. Did not think it was the
greatest book ever though. It is okay for an
afternoon's entertainment, but it didn't really stick
with me.

> Who else writes books and is a musician?
> Also with a musical theme, try "Space Opera" by Jack
> Vance.  The "Spellsinger"
> series by Alan Dean Foster tries hard, but doesn't
> quite make it in my opinion,
> but if you try it you may disagree.
As Melissa says in the next post. Emma Bull is. Has
anyone actually heard any of her records? I think you
can just about order them, which I never got round to
doing. From their description they seem like something
I would either really like or hate depending which way
it was done. So if anyone has heard it I would be
interested to hear you opinion.


P.S. I am sorry about my snipping habit. I find
replies easier to read that way. It does NOT mean that
I was not interested in the rest of your post, just
that I had nothing to add. If it grates, just let me

P.P.S. Is there something like Amazonics Anonymous.
There should be, and I will need it shortly. :-)

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