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> Paul, quoting Jacob:
> >> Finally, as long as I'm remembering books I need to recommend, I
> >> *love* R.A. MacAvoy's _Damiano_ series (includes 
> _Damiano's Lute_ and 
> >> _Raphael_).
> >
> > Hmm. I liked _Damiano_ and _Damiano's Lute_, but I thought 
> _Raphael_ 
> > was extremely dodgy.
> I'd go further than that.  I liked "Damiano" a lot.  
> "Damiano's Lute" was reasonable, as sequels go.  "Raphael" I 
> didn't like at all.

I can understand not liking Raphael after enjoying _Damiano_.  It was a
very different tack to take from the previous books.  I liked the
exploration of divinity and I found it interesting that _Damiano_ took
on the guide roll for the "fallen" _Raphael_.  And frankly, I liked how
_Raphael_ had to come to grips with being the one who needed the
guidance.  This probably dovetails with another post recently about
passive heroes.  I think that Raphael qualifies as a truly passive
protagonist as his struggle is almost entirely internal and all that
happens to him (bad and good) is external.  If I weren't interested in
his internal conflict, it would have been a dreadful flop.  But I was
interested and didn't mind that the crises were all exerted by external
forces with little active reaction on his part.

Jacob Proffitt

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